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Just stop. Zico & Baro(is that who that nugu is) are not even on JK & Tasha’s level, and are not exponentially better than all the rappers at YG. G-Dragon is an excellent lyricist. Masta Wu is one of the better K-rappers of all time. T.O.P has one of the best cadences and flows of any rapper in the K-pop world, not to mention his lyrics are dope. Mino is about on the same level with Zico, and they came up together. Tablo is probably the best lyricist in Korea, as far as rappers go, and Mithra & Tablo together slay Zico & Baro any day. Most of y’all who say shit like this don’t even know who the “YG rappers” are. Y’all just say shit like this because you like to imagine that GD and TOP (and CL, I guess) are horrible and somehow Zico and BYG and Baro and Rapmon and all these newer idol rappers are so much better than them. Taking into account that GD’s skills go far beyond rapping, and his lyrics are some of the best in K-pop and are pretty much universally regarded as such (they lose something in translation, because the guy uses a lot of symbolism and wordplay), I don’t think Zico could really teach GD much. In fact, I think GD could teach Zico a lot. And those other kids don’t even get taken into account… The only ones from that rap stage that really have anything on GD or are anything next to GD are Zico and BYG anyway. 

And please, PLEASE stop saying “YG rappers” like Tablo, Mithra, Masta Wu, Jinu, Sean, and so on are not YG rappers. If you mean GD, TOP, and CL, and you think that’s all encompassing of every rap artist signed to YG, you’re an idiot. 

This is the thing I was dreaded, with that rap stage. That these stans of these younger idol rappers would see this and assume it means their oppas are on JK & Tasha’s level or some shit. Nah. They are not, and you need not delude yourself that they are. JK is the father of Korean hip-hop, those kids will NEVER be on his level. Bizzy’s level, either. The truth is, your oppas are idol rappers, and that’s all they are, aside from maybe Zico. The ONLY reason GD & TOP weren’t involved in that stage is because YG is so elitist that they rarely let their artists participate in such things. (Also, TOP was probably completely unable to attend last night, anyway, since he didn’t even perform at all.) YG likes for their artists to have complete spotlight. I’m not saying that’s bad or good, but it’s true. The last time Big Bang members really participated in a stage with artists from another label that I remember seems to have been Wonderbang about 5 or so years ago.

Also, IDK what Gayo you were watching, but CL & Hyori totally had the best fucking stage of the night. I love MFBTY, but personally, I was annoyed seeing all those nugus on their stage, and I was annoyed that SBS decided that MFBTY needed those nugus in order to have their stage. MFBTY get treated like shit, instead of the legends they are. The ONLY reason they put your idols on that stage with them is because they knew they needed Zico and Rapmon and Baro and them to keep your attention. Because how many of you dumbasses bought “The Cure” or “Sweet Dream” this year? How many of you even bothered to watch the MVs? 

Don’t give me shit about “real hip-hop” when your idea of hip-hop is Block B and BTS. Y’all don’t even support the real K-hip-hop artists, unless it’s Dynamic Duo, and even then, most of y’all listening to these nugu idol rappers don’t even support Dynamic Duo. 

Be mad all you want, but CL & GD and T.O.P will forever slay your idols. They’re popular because they earned it. Their talent built their fame. If you’re too new to know that, you’re too new to comment on it, and you can really get on your knees and fellate me. 

The most laughable part of this whole thing is Baro, tbh. Zico is the shit, and he’s wayyyy better than Baro, BYG, and Rapmon, but Baro is a joke anyway. Rapmon is a joke, too, but Baro is a joke. I actually laughed when I heard those two were gonna be on this stage. Zico & BYG made sense, but fucking Baro and Rapmon? LMFAO. They did NOT deserve to be on an MFBTY stage, with Tiger fucking JK. They barely deserved to share the stage with Zico. 

Besides all that shit, it’s not like GD’s main career is “rapper” and it’s not like T.O.P’s main career is “rapper”. Their talents include (fucking ridiculously awesome) rapping (that your idol could never match, and that you couldn’t even begin to attempt), but GD is a rapper, singer, writer, composer, producer, and T.O.P is a rapper, writer, composer, producer, and a kick-ass actor. Let’s meet their levels before we start hating, dumb ass K-pop fan ass kids. Man, I swear I HATE K-pop fans, because of the dumb shit you people spew as if it’s fact… especially the ones who are fans of hip-hop idol groups who assume that means they’re hip-hop experts, like they don’t just like these dudes because they’re adorable. 

That’s why y’all don’t own any Tiger JK albums, tbh, because he’s not a cute 19-year-old boy who does aegyo and sings & dances on Inkigayo in a boy band. You ain’t hip-hop, you dumbass bitch. 

I’m done. 

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